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• Overall Annual Benefit Limit - N100,000• Accidents & Emergency• Out-patient treatment & Medication• Accommodation type: Ward• Admission days/year: 7 days• Prescription drugs & Medications• Asthma & COPD• HIV diagnosis & Counselling• Minor & Intermediate• Total Surgical Limit per year: N25,000• Cancer Treatment (Inv, Surg, Chemo, Radio): Surgical limit• Contraceptives (Oral, Injectables)• Antenatal Care, Delivery (C/S Inclusive) & Post Natal Care: Up to Surgical limit• Plain/Contrast Xrays• Laboratory Investigations (HB, PCV, WBC, MP, WIDAL, URINALYSIS)• Pain Therapy and filling• Dental Limits per year: N5,000• Basic Eye Test (VISUAL ACUITY, OPTHALMOSCOPY, COUNSELLING)
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